Information Product Ideas – 4 Quick & Easy Information

I always tell my clients, the best way to get off to a great start with your information products, is to set yourself up for a few easy (and profitable!) wins. The problem is once folks find a way to create them easily, they complicate matters by creating ambitious efforts right out of the box.

And that is a recipe for failure.

When you are starting out resist the temptation to swing for the fences. The best way to ensure your second and third and fourth products are incredibly successful is to get your first one แทงบอลที่เว็บแทงบอลไหน

out the door.

So here are four quick and easy starter ideas:

Idea #1 – The Five Secrets Resource List
A sure bet is what I call the “Five Secrets” Resource List. This can be a CD, MP3 or eBook that spells out five secrets to the results your potential customers are hungry for, that showcases your own unique approach and point of view. Examples include “The Five Secrets of Passive Revenue”, “The Five Secrets to Happier Kids”, or “The Five Secrets to Doubling Your Profits AND Your Free Time.”

The key here is compelling content, not the format. You also want to be sure this product also suggests several ways your listener can take their next steps towards achieving their goals. And be sure to include your own services as one of the primary ways to make that happen.

Idea #2 – The Three Steps Audio
Secrets are cool. But people want to know what they have to do to make those secrets come alive in their own lives and businesses. Again, the actual format for this product is not important. What is crucial is that your steps are sequential, easy to follow, and give the listener a small taste of what you can really do for them.

These steps should detail how to obtain a highly desirable result that is eluding your potential customers. Examples include “The Three Steps to Losing 15 Pounds by Summer”, “The Three Steps to Quicker and More Lucrative Real Estate Deals.”

Idea #3 – The Five Minute Visualization
Aw, come on, you’re saying. I’m a business consultant. Isn’t this visualization stuff wishy washy? Well, if you consider 300-pound football players wishy washy, you’d better be the one to tell them.

Cause the truth is visualization has gone mainstream. While it may have begun with therapists, healers and spiritual counselors, its now used by athletes and top business performers.

Yes, you can do more than five minutes. There’s nothing magic about that number. What makes these so exciting is they can be created very quickly, with a minimum of writing and preparation. And rather than just talking at people, these kinds of short programs involve people.

And when you can get people to become involved with you, its much easier to take them to the next step for an ongoing business relationship.

Idea #4 – The 30-Minute Marketing CD
Sometimes the best way to create profits with your products is not to sell them at all, but give them away. Your 30-Minute Marketing CD is designed to provide a prospect with valuable information quickly. All they need do is provide their email address. This allows you to catapult your mailing list – the true key to profits!

These short audio programs, given away at your live, in-person appearances, at networking events, or online, give folks an actual sample of the benefits you can deliver. And you would be surprised how much people like free stuff. Even if you’ve never been on Oprah (and that’s most of us) you’d be surprised the crowd you’ll draw giving away a free CD.

You can even create an instantly downloadable MP3 version as part of the goodies you offer people who opt in to your mailing list on your website.