Banner Ad Impressions, Costs, and Benefits! “Promotion Tools”  

Banner advertisements add flare to the appearance of your website, and it appeals to visitors because it gives your site a professional look. There are many ways to advertise your website, banner ads is one of the easiest and most effective ways to    먹튀폴리스    advertise. It’s important that your site not only has banner ads, but you have banner ads available for affiliates to post on their sites.

The obvious benefit of banner ads is traffic from other sites, being directed to your site. However, monthly fees can add up quickly using this method, but in the the long run it is often the cheapest and most cost effective method. Taking the time to implement and gain search engine rank for your almost immediately. There is also a system advertisers often use, referred to as the banner exchange. This is when your banner goes on another site in exchange for you placing their banner on your site.

Pros and Cons of Free Banner Ads Exchange

-it’s FREE=pro
-if you want your banner ad on a significant number of sites (your site will most likely end up cluttered with -exchange ads)=con
-if you run an affiliate site this could cause visitors to click on exchange ads instead of your affiliate links=con
-these sites are often just banner and link sites (don’t really have content just advertisements) and it does NOTHING for you…=con
-these sites will be gaining traffic in the exchange, while you gain NOTHING=con
-SEO Website Traffic

Pros and Cons of Free Banner Advertisements

-these ads COST=con
-eventually the profit will outweigh the cost by far=pro
-you have to double check the traffic the site generates for yourself, sites can be very untruthful with numbers=con
-you want to ensure that your ad is placed in a favorable position=con
-be sure this site doesn’t host a lot of other banner ads=con